What make us different

Over 10 years of experience, Rawsan Furniture has been a trusted retailer offering a diverse portfolio of high-end furniture designs, backed by our own development units. Boasting a wide range of sofa sets, carpets, curtains and majlishesh, Rawsan Furniture goes beyond simply offering ready-made pieces. We specialize in Mattress, Sofa & Bed Customization. Customers can work directly with Rawsan’s experts to select fabrics and their desired sizes, creating truly unique pieces for their homes.

Every Rawsan furniture  product is crafted with excellent craftsmanship right here in the Ajmain, ensuring outstanding quality at affordable prices. We  boast one of the largest collections of both local and international furniture, ranging from classic and contemporary sofa sets to dining sets, bedroom sets, and more. But Rawsan Furniture isn’t stopping there. We are expanding into the world of home furnishing and accessories, offering everything from soft furnishings and wall décor to curtains, lighting solutions, kitchen utilities, and tableware. So, whether you’re looking for a single statement piece or a complete home makeover, Rawsan Furniture has you covered.


Our Mission

To provide exceptional quality, handcrafted furniture and homeware that reflects individual style and elevates living spaces in Bangladesh. We achieve this by offering a diverse portfolio of customizable designs, expert guidance, and affordable prices.

Our Vision

Rawsan Furniture aspires to become the heart of homeware in the UAE, cherished for its fusion of tradition and innovation. We envision crafting personalized spaces that resonate with the unique spirit of the region, where heritage unfolds alongside cutting-edge design.